Boards & Committees

Below is a list of the officers, committee members and representatives, both serving and elected for 2020:
Clerk - Susan Brosnan

Church Treasurer - Shirley Hodkinson

Assistant Treasurer - Patricia Marino 
Financial Secretary – Sue Creamer

Assistant Financial Secretary – Karen Talbot
Moderator - Lynwood Crary 
Historian – Robert Vescovi

Timothy Bowles - 1 years

Lee Ann Fessenden - 2 years

Wendy Zajac - 3 years

Andrew Kuvent - 4 years

Kim Lang - 5 years

Robert Vescovi - 6 years


Diaconate Fund Treasurer - Patricia Marino


Memorial Fund Treasurer - Debi Berube



Richard Chalifoux - 1 year

Claude Flory - 1 year

Felix Prokop - 2 years

Matthew Schroeder - 2 years

Robert Berube - 3 years

Glenn Heavens & Mary Ann Lajoie - 3 years


Board of Religious Education:

Lisa Fessenden - 1 year

Sean O'Brien - 1 year

Wendy Abrahamson - 2 years

Sarah Noiseux - 2 years

Joan Racicot - 3 years

Jonathan Rowe - 3 years



Finance Committee: (Three elected members hold a one-year term, eligible for re-election) Pastor, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, Carolyn Shea, Bob Vescovi, (one open position)


Members-at-Large: (One year term) Steven Orlomoski and Beverlee Cholewa


Auditors: Lois Woodmansee, Susan Nylen


Stewardship Committee: Pastor, Kimberly Lang, Carolyn Shea, Robert Berube, Sally Exley


Missions Committee: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Patrick Magowan, Merrie Hedler, Bekah Little
Delegates: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Jim and Sandra Wright

Northeast Fellowship Representative: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Rev. Stan White

Bylaws Committee: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Pastor, Clerk, Jim Wright, Nancy Musa, Jennifer Crary
Head Usher: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Benicia Perry


Pastoral Search Committee: Sharon Breen, Chair, Shari Purcell, Sandy Dudek, Pat Marino, Marissa Stankiewicz, Liz Delcore Stammel, Keith Harrison, Chris Burden, Bob Onderdonk, Andy Kuvent, Tim Bowles, LeeAnn Fessenden


Only the Committee Chair or Representative need to be a church member for the following:

Music Committee: (one year term, eligible for re-election)
Lydia Lavoie, John Marino, Bonnie Raue, Stella Dawley, Robin Lyon, Bekah Little

Decorating Committee: (one year term, eligible for re-election)
Dennis Lund, Lisa Alder


Flower Committee: (one year term, eligible for re-election)
Doris MacLachlan, Carolyn Shea, Merrie Hedler, Laura Jackson

Preston City Cemetery Association: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Joyce Brewster

Coffee Hour Committee: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Stella Dawley, Merrie Hedler,
 Dan Bolles, Barbara Hellmers, Kaye Schlough, Norma Schlough, Bea Coleman, Harry Coleman, Joy Chalifoux, Richard Chalifoux


Hospitality Representative: (one year term, eligible for re-election) Merrie Hedler

Event Coordinating Committee: (elected for three years, eligible for re-election) Sandy Dudek, Keith Harrison, Linda Kent-Farinha, Chuck Norris


Nominating Committee:

Shirley Hodkinson - 1 year

Lee Ann Fessenden - 2 years

Robert Vescovi - 3 years


Standing Committee Members: (17) Pastor, Clerk, Church Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Moderator, Historian, Administrative Assistant, Senior Deacon (or designee), Head Trustee (or designee), Director of Religious Education, Board of Religious Education Chairperson (or designated alternate), 2 Members-at-Large, Missions Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate), Music Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate), Flower Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate), Finance Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate).
An (*) indicates that the person is filling an unexpired term and will be eligible for re-election.

Attention Members & Friends!

1/04/2021 - The Clothing Shed has re-opened!

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We accept clothing, shoes, blankets, curtains, towels, etc.

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