Boards & Committees

Below is a list of the officers, committee members and representatives, both currently serving and elected for 2024:
Clerk - Susan Brosnan (2025)

Church Treasurer - Shirley Hodkinson (2025)

Assistant Treasurer - Patricia Marino (2025)
Financial Secretary – Sue Creamer (2025)

Assistant Financial Secretary – Karen Talbot (2027)
Moderator - Lynwood Crary (2025)
Historian – Robert Vescovi (2027)

Kim Lang - Senior Deacon -1 year

Robert Vescovi - 2 years

Steven Orlomoski - 3 years

Sharon Breen - 4 years

Lisa Fessenden - 5 years

Christopher Burden - 6 years


Diaconate Fund Treasurer - Patricia Marino


Memorial Fund Treasurer - Debi Berube (2027)



Felix Prokop - 1 year

Zachary Rousseau - 1 year

Craig Young - 2 years

John Marino - 2 years - Head Trustee

Glenn Heavens - 3 years

Joel Jopson - 3 years


Board of Religious Education:

Loida Fessenden - 1 year

Melissa Stankiewicz - 1 year

Nancy Whitacre - 2 years

John Whitacre - 2 years

Jessica Canfield - 3 years

Elza Day - 3 years


Finance Committee: Pastor, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary;

(Three elected members hold a one-year term, eligible for re-election) Carolyn Shea, Bob Vescovi, Claude Flory


Members-at-Large: (One-year term) Crystal Bednarz and Timothy Kubiak


Auditors: Nancy Obreiter, Phyllis Knutson (2027)


Stewardship Committee: Pastor; (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Kimberly Lang, Robert Berube, Sally Exley, Bob Vescovi


Missions Committee: (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Patrick Magowan, Merrie Hedler, Bekah Little, Nancy Herbert
Delegates (NACCC): (one-year term, eligible for re-election)

Jim and Sandra Wright

Northeast Fellowship Representative: (one-year term, eligible for re-election)
Jim and Sandra Wright

Bylaws Committee: Pastor, Clerk; (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Jim Wright, Nancy Musa, Jennifer Crary
Head Usher: (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Benicia Perry


Only the Committee Chair or Representative need to be a church member for the following:

Music Committee:
(one-year term, eligible for re-election)
Lydia Lavoie, John Marino, Stella Dawley,  Bekah Little, Trish Maerkle (Organist/Choir Director)


Decorating Committee: (one-year term, eligible for re-election)
Wendy Zajac, Sharon Breen


Flower Committee: (one-year term, eligible for re-election)
Carolyn Shea, Laura Jackson, Nancy Obreiter, Sharon Mahan, Donna Young, Joyce Brewster

Preston City Cemetery Association: (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Joyce Brewster

Coffee Hour Committee: (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Stella Dawley,
John Ryan, Mary Ryan, Dwight Hopkins, Betsy Hopkins, Carol Riley, Sharon Mahan, Beverly Baker


Hospitality Representative: (one-year term, eligible for re-election) Merrie Hedler

Event Coordinating Committee: (elected for three years, eligible for re-election 2027) Sandy Dudek, Keith Harrison, Linda Kent-Farinha, Chuck Norris


The following committees are appointed by the Standing Committee:


Nominating Committee:

Wendy Zajac - 1 year (through October 2024)

Rebecca Hale - 2 years  through October 2025)

Chrisotopher Burden - 3 years (through October 2026)



Pastoral Relations Committee:

Marisa Stankiewicz, Bob Vescovi Appointed 5/15/24


Pastoral Search Committee 2023:

Wendy Abrahamson, Sandy Dudek, LeeAnn Fessenden, Steve Orlomoski,     Bridget Park, Felix Prokop, Liz Stammel, Marisa Stankiewicz, Chair,

Bob Vescovi  Appointed 3/15/23    


Pastoral Search Committee 2021: Sharon Breen, Chair; Shari Purcell, Sandy Dudek, Pat Marino, Marissa Stankiewicz, Liz Delcore Stammel, Keith Harrison, Chris Burden, Bob Onderdonk, Andy Kuvent, Tim Bowles, LeeAnn Fessenden Disbanded 5/19/21

Employee Relations Committee: (9) Pastor, Clerk, Treasurer, one (1) Deacon, one (1) member of the Finance Committee, one (1) Trustee, one (1) member from the Music Committee and one (1) member from the Board of Religious Education.  One (1) additional member shall be appointed from the Standing Committee or the congregation-at-large. All appointments shall be made by the Standing Committee at the September Church meeting or when a vacancy occurs and shall be for a one (1) year term with eligibility for re-appointment.


Standing Committee Members: (17) Pastor, Clerk, Church Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Moderator, Historian, Administrative Assistant, Senior Deacon (or designee), Head Trustee (or designee), Director of Religious Education, Board of Religious Education Chairperson (or designated alternate), 2 Members-at-Large, Missions Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate), Music Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate), Flower Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate), Finance Committee Chairperson (or designated alternate).
An (*) indicates that the person is filling an unexpired term and will be eligible for re-election.



1698 - 2023



The memorial in the garden at the annex was dedicated on November 12th and

the winning slogan was announced:

"Gathering in Faith since 1698".

Join us as we celebrate throughout the coming year!




A day trip to

Plimoth Patuxet

Museums is planned for Wednesday, June 26th.


Members & Friends:

The Clothing Shed is open.

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We accept all soft goods: clothing, shoes, blankets, curtains, towels, etc.

Thank you

The BOOK BIN has been placed in the lower parking lot, next to the Clothing Bin. Help us recycle your unneeded books and get them into hands that can use them and keep them out of landfills!


The Food Pantry is open Wednesday, June 19th

10A -Noon and Sunday, June 23rd following our service, for our church family.


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